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Military Honors & Recognition Program

Grissom Air Reserve Base Mission

On Apr 21st. Col. Russell made his presentation to us at the MFAC meeting: Grissom Air Reserve Base has a long and proud history of both serving the nation and being a good neighbor to the communities in which our members reside. Opportunities to speak to and share our mission with groups such as the military foundation are an important part of our community relations outreach programs. We are honored to have been invited to have Col. Scott Russell, our 434th Mission Support Group commander, come share with you the happenings at the base. We hope this is the start of other endeavors between our two organizations. Douglas Hays, superintendent of public affairs, 434th Air Refueling Wing, Grissom ARB, IN 

The following are supporters of all Active Duty Military and Veterans in Howard County

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Those who say: "THANK YOU" to all Military Members, their families, and Veterans

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